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Why yoga?
“Yoga is both a systematized body of knowledge and a practice. There are many reasons why a person might choose to practice yoga; in broad terms, the purpose of yoga is to reduce the disturbance and return an individual to his or her ... More »
Yoga for all/60s
  There’s a warm welcome for everyone at my “yoga for all” and “yoga for the over 60s” classes. I believe that yoga is not about mastering advanced postures, but more about growing older with a longer spine, and ... More »
Mums + babies
Yoga for mums + babies is suitable for mums with babies over 6 weeks. Practising yoga with your baby promotes postnatal healing and stimulates your baby’s development. Yoga helps you release tension caused by continual baby hand ... More »
Yoga for pregnancy
Yoga for pregnancy and birth is suitable for pregnant women from 14 weeks. Yoga can transform your experience of pregnancy so that you feel healthy and strong. Common complaints such as tiredness, back pain, and nausea may be eased by ... More »